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Astrology Consultation On Phone can predict your future and your current life by checking your birth chart to help you to solve your problem. The Planet Position and their House and Nakshatras can divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events. Astrology is a very old and very large topic that is not possible to explain. In the 2nd millennium BCE, and has its roots in calendrical systems used to predict a seasonal shift. Astrology can explain in much better form.

Astrology Consultation On Phone

Astrology is a discipline that has supported and now holds the same virtue and value for thousands of the elderly. Astrologer Online Consultation But it’s hard to locate a real astrologer with heavy rivalry.
Astrology Consultation On Phone If you want to find true websites for astrology to accurately forecast and guide astrology. It provides all future customers with a free regular horoscope. Married Astrology Prediction Free
To make use of this advantage, Please message me on the messenger portal and complete the Rashi form with the specifics you have been asked to do so. Free Phone Consultation in Astrology is a scan process that allows thousands of users to solve their problems.


  • You can Explain your Question and I can understand your Question.
  • Kundli path & Astrological Details.
  • Current planetary transit and its effect.
  • Accuracy with the solution.
  • Remedies and their Plants negative Effects.


  • Get easy to make a decision.
  • 100% Result and Past Mistakes Solutions.
  • Time Periods To get Good Result
  • Reduction of health and Tensions.
  • Marriage Predictions and Spouse Afterlife


The ASTROLOGY BY DATE OF BIRTH, the time of birth, and the place of birth are calculated in a birth diagram. This shows the person’s Kundli or (natal) birth map. Astrology is thought to be a science that links activities on earth to the location and activity of the celestial bodies of planets and stars. ASTROLOGY BY DATE OF BIRTH Planets and stars are located to learn all the details of the Kundli. Predictions are normally taken on a birth chart basis. For the sign of the Sun and numerology, a birth date often plays a significant part.

Free Online Astrologer Consult A person’s birthday embraces everything of his/her gender, appearance, and characteristics. This knowledge is the foundation for all the answers you will ever need in your birthday astrology. Full Moon Calendar 2021- Phase, Time, Lunar Date, 2020, 2022, UK USA, INDIA The date of birth is used for the Naam-Karán by Jyotishis (astrologers) based on the location of stars and planets at the time of birth of the individual (selecting a suitable name). In comparison to the requirements of birth and place of birth, give us the persons personal Natal Chart

Zodiac Sign

(Rashi) Ritu English calendar Zodiac sun sign
(solar months) (season) months
Mesh Vasant March/April Aries
Vrushabh (spring) April/May Taurus
Mithun Grishma May/June Gemini
Kark (summer) June/July. Cancer
Simha or Sinh Varsha July/Aug. Leo
Kanya (monsoon) Aug/Sept Virgo
Tula Sharad Sept/Oct Libra
Vrushchik (autumn) Oct/Nov Scorpius
Dhanu Hemant Nov/Dec. Sagittarius
Makar (autumn-winter) Dec/Jan Capricornus
Kumbha Shishir Jan/Feb Aquarius
Meen (Winter-Spring) Feb/Mar. Pisces

Astrology Consultation On Whatsapp

Free online astrology consultation for family problems
We are all observers, online astrology, to family difficulties, which disrupt family unity and adversely affect relationships. Family troubles will tear you away from the inside and make it much more difficult to live because it’s closest to your heart and at the end of the day you want to return to the ones you love.

  • Prosperity and peace problems.
  • Contradictions increasing.
  • The constant struggle with family, neighbors
  • Reduction in couple attraction.
  • Sentence structure between husband and wife


If there is still a dispute among the family, by date of birth, the Indian astrology highly recommends Grah Shanti Pooja, as it aims to appease the dividing planets, and also to relax their environment with the pure smell of havan. According to the free astrology article, havan gives your home positive energies.

Shanti Puja for the planet

When a certain planet interferes with genuine family relations, please try the best astrologer on this particular planet in India.

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