CAA Protests

CAA Protests: Mobile, Internet service stopped in some areas of Delhi on the orders of the government

CAA Protests The administration is now taking a tough stance on the protest in Delhi over the Citizenship Amendment Act. In view of the large number of protesters gathering in many areas of Delhi, mobile services have been banned in many areas of Delhi. Internet service has been discontinued in many areas of Delhi. According to the news, mobile and internet service in Delhi has been closed till 1 pm. This action has been taken on the basis of secret information received by the police and Internet and mobile services in many areas of Delhi.

In Mandi House and Lal Qila district, Delhi Police decided to impose section 144. All of the Delhi Districts have been notified by the Delhi Police Commissioner. Police officials were required to track the results closely. Although the Red Fort is rigorous, a number of people have been put into jail for demonstrating. A significant number of protesters have been detained according to the information received. In most Delhi districts, barricading is done.

At the same time, the police has blocked the way by putting barricading on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway. During this time one by one vehicles are being checked. Due to this, there is an 8 km long jam on the highway. Thousands of people are stuck on the highway. ‘Voice, SMS and Internet services have been discontinued in some areas of Delhi on the orders of the government, which will be restored only after the government orders.’ Airtel tweeted this information, however, after some time

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