besan ka cheela | besan chilla weight loss | besan ka chiila | besan ka chilla banane ki recipe

besan ka cheela  |  besan chilla weight loss besan ka chiila  | besan ka chilla banane ki recipe


The recipe for Besan ka cheela (बेसन का चीला) or veg omelette is fast and simple Indian breakfast. The foundation is produced of besan chilla with plenty of greens.besan ka cheela recipe I share a fluffy besan cheela in a clip of the cheela. Also known as veg omelet as fluffy as omelette. veg omelette without egg recipe in hindi

 besan ka cheela kaise banaye

besan ka cheela
besan ka cheela  |  besan chilla weight loss |  besan ka chiila  | besan ka chilla banane ki recipe


Of Besan Ka Cheela Recipe
 Besan (1 Cup)
Chaat Masala (1 tsp)
Kashmiri Chilli Powder (1/2 tsp)
Turmeric Powder (1/4 tsp)
Salt Jeera (1 tsp) Garam Masala
 (1/4 tsp) Ajwain (1 tsp)
Green Chilli (1) Ginger (1 inch)
Fresh Coriander
Baking Powder (1 tsp)
Baking Soda (1/4 tsp)
 recipe for vegetable omelette
recipe for besan ka cheela Tomatoes were washed, green fried seeds were removed and washed, ginger washed and washed. Now stir the grinder to create a paste with all those vegatables.
Sieve the besan and remove it in a different container. Pour first 1 glass of water and batter smoothly. Placed the tomato in either the blend and combine well, grated coliflower. In the blend, place some more water to form a dense glue for packaging. Add hing, black chili sauce, powdered coriander, salt. Add the sliced purple cilantro and blend in the batter for at present 2-3 minutes. Now seal the batter with a lid. The batter is prepared now. besan ka cheela banane ki vidhi

Put the non-stick bowl on the stove and fill a tea cuboon with oil to grate the bowl. Then wash the grated pan and put the fires onto the surface and stick them on the saucepan with 1 or 1-1/2 spoon. The first bitch you can create is tiny because it can be stuck in the bowl. Now put a few pieces of oil in a chicken corner and distributed the tea spoon uniformly onto the chiila.

Take the Cheela to the top surface and make golden brown with the bottom layer. Now turn it around with a metal spatula, and boil it until purple gray is turned on the other hand as well. Place the baked cheela on a platform with a paper napkin. Repeat the second cheela measures as well. The second cheela should be kept distinct instead of holding it over the first. After it refreshes, you can hold the other goela over the first. In the same way, prepare all the Cheelas.veg omelette

Gram Flour Pancake is now prepared to consume (Besan ka Cheela). It can be consumed together with curd or purple chutney coriander.
besan cheela calories 1200 calories

Cooking Time: 30minutes

 is besan chilla good for weight loss ??

 is besan ka cheela fattening :- Because Cheela is small in calories and also a healthy vegetarian protein supply, it can become component of the weight loss diet. You can add annual plants for extra nutrition, including carrots, spinach, beetroot

 besan ka cheela video


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