How much dangerous is News paper during National close due to corona virus

How much dangerous is News paper during National close due to corona virus?

The Corona virus which has taken a terrible form has upset the whole world at this time. it started in China but now it is slowly taking the whole world under its control and turning towards Iran and Italy. Coronavirus has now taken the form of an epidemic there, from its minister to the common people, it has been infected and about 10,000 people have died in Italy, more than 500 people die every day. Coming to the news after it has been so Group through Iran and Italy have Now turned to India and the US has already gone to Pakistan at all where he has infected about 2000 people.

How many patients of corona virus in india

Now let’s talk about it enters in India. It came in India on January 31, when a man was infected but now 1200 people have fallen into it, it is very terrible. No hope for humans. Was going to think why it will take such a form, now who has slowly started to occupy himself from outside, about this, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi locked the entire Country For 21-day lock Not to have decided that it will benefit that it is closer to die within 14 days coronavirus but the Indian government has put it 21 days while maintaining the little precaution.

latest news about corona virus in india

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corona virus that kills human Now let’s talk about the USA (United State of America), so far more than one lakh cases have been done there which have taken a terrible form, there are about 3000 Death people left so far.

There are about 100000 people infected in Italy First Italy was number one, but improved slightly and it went down slightly but now USA is number one in case of Coronavirus case.

Coronavirus has increased because people are not able to take proper care of themselves, the big reason is that small things are coming to every home,

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coronavirus precautions

  • By Food
  • By touch
  • By newspaper
  • By remote
  • By Mobile
  • By packet
  • By medicine

latest news about corona virus in india

corona virus cases in india First of all by eating, second by washing hands and third by newspaper which is People feel that it will not be a virus from them, but it is not like it is coming back in everything.

It is very compulsory for you to wear plus and also wear a mask on your mouth or else Will enter your body by Minister also and can ruin your life

food to fight against corona virus

italy corona virus latest news

So let us tell you that if you want to avoid coronavirus, then you have to take anything you said, keep it outside the house or in the veranda for about 16 hours so, that it stays at that time for a while and the time is it will clean it well. You can wash it either in the same way or in any two ways, you can do more work.

Homemade sanitizer

corona virus that kills human It will not be seen after 21 days, it seems that Coronavirus is an infection that spreads by touch, it is slowly spreading and it has reached other countries as well. Now that you are too low, one thing is coming in to hear that the coronavirus paper is going to the house of all the people. It means that even a newspaper can go up to one crore because the newspaper also gets swept. food to fight against corona virus So people touch can cause coronavirus to be gold. We have seen that in many countries coronavirus has spread due to one reason or the other, people are engaged in research into how it is going to play No evidence has yet been found that it dies due to the virus.

How much dangerous is News paper during National close due to corona virus

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corona virus world meter

2020/3/29 9 Deaths Country: Total (+Today)(+Yesterday)

Flag of Italy

Italy: 10.779 (+756)(+889)

Flag of Spain

Spain: 6.803 (+821)(+844)

Flag of China

China: 3.300 (+5)(+2)

Flag of Iran

Iran: 2.640 (+123)(+139)

Flag of France

France: 2.606 (+292)(+319)

Flag of United States

USA: 2.482 (+271)(+517)

Flag of United Kingdom

UK: 1.235 (+216)(+250)