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How to fix Google Search Console issues (Coverage And Events) 2020

Google Search Console issues:- Google Search Console is a Google Web Tool, enabling webmasters to test the status of their website indexing and increase its visibility Of their websites On google.

Google Webmaster Tools was renamed until May 20, 2015. Google launched a revised version of the search app with user interface enhancements in January 2018. Search Console records in September 2019, including the home and dashboard

There is much error that Makes your website down on google You can go to This link and Open your google search console login website. WordPress Tutorial In Hindi For Beginners

google search console wordpress
  1. Coverage 
  2. Sitemaps
  3. Removals
  4. Mobile usability
  5. Breadcrumbs
  6. Events 
  7. FAQ
  8. Sitemap links search box

Google Search Console issues All these topics are the Main Functions of your Url which you have to pass. But there are many internal errors on your websites which do not pass googles policies

Google Index

Coverage, Sitemaps, Removals are your google index topic which helps you to understand where your Websites Url index or not. If your URL Has any issues it will become red Error. 

  • Server error (5xx)”
  • “Redirect Error”
  •  “Submitted URL seems to be a soft 404”
  • “Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’
  • “Submitted URL blocked by robots.txt”
  •  “Submitted URL returns unauthorized request (401)”
  • “Submitted URL has crawl issue”
  • “Submitted URL not found (404)”

This Topics are the main error on your website you can take help from any developer about this or you can fix it from your own. 

Note:- If you don’t fix this issue ever Your website will not rank on top keyword 

Google Fix “Submitted URL has crawl issue” Errors

A crawl problem means a website has many issues and problems and can not be indexed by Google. You will figure out exactly what the problem is, patch it and Submit To Google the page again. Blogging kaise ki jati hai, successful blogger kaise bane complete in Hindi 2020-2021 

google webmaster tools coverage
  1. The first step You have to do is click the INSPECT URL button
  2. Then check click the VIEW CRAWLED PAGE and Check Your Url pass Google policy
  3. Start and open the tab for a new browser session. If it loads all right, then the problems have been most usually temporary
  4. To push Google to update the error page press the Check LIVE URL button
  5. See MORE INFO for more information
  6. To re-send Google the link, press the REQUEST INDEXING icon.

Google Events Errors

Ok, So know I will tell you about events error on your website. How to fix It because this error will decrease your google ranking downgrade your website on google so, it is necessary to fix these Issues In Your website.Digital Marketing Kaise Sikhe Online In Hindi 2020-21 

google webmaster events error
  1. Go to Google Search Console and then go to the events section
  2. An error will be shown on Your website Like:- Missing field ‘location’, Missing field ‘dtstart’, Missing field ‘summary’
  3. Copy Your URL And Google url inspection tool use It
  4. You will see this code In your HTML coding “wp-block-table infobox vevent” or just remove v from “vevents”
  5. Go to you Posts On WordPress or blogger Just Remove it 

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