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How to Make a poll on Facebook Mobile 2020-2021

Running Make a poll on Facebook is very easy, people can use it from anywhere. Thousands of people of the world meet together here on a social media platform Facebook has already started. Facebook is an American social media company based In technology company based in Menlo Park, California

How to Make a poll on Facebook Mobile 2020-2021

Now let’s talk about Facebook, what happens in Facebook posts, as you all know that post On photos are put on Facebook, which people see and share, like if they like it. That comment Even if they do. In a platform like Facebook where people from other countries of the world also meet and keep their views, here you can put videos and photos and other things. Not or can share that was like you and you can use it is no rocket science. It is happy many people are there are still many people use it in the world.

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create a poll on facebook

Do a poll on Facebook 2020-2021

Let’s talk about how to write a post on Facebook or how to do a post? then you have to go to Facebook Sign Up, first, you have to type on, now you will go to Facebook, there you must first sign up Otherwise if you do not sign now, you will not be able to create your account and will not be able to post anything, after that, you have to sign up. there and then you will have an OTP on your mail % Phone.

Options Polls

Will come or you will get the confirmation message, you have to confirm or you can also enter your mobile OTP, if you feel like you have it, then confirm it after, then you put your photo or another kind of thing in it like your information Of Your details like other things like your school, Home address confirm it in it, then your profile will be ready.

 Now what do you have to do you will see the option by posting your own in your profile

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I go to it and the reason for going to the post is that you have to create polls, if you want, you can create and polls are created.

Create a poll on messenger, Pages, & Group

Polls are created so that you can survey, know about, So your information, set your services, how your service is going and how to use, a very easy way you can use it to create your Messanger or page polls. After this, you can get it done, It is a Very easy in a few minutes before, is there an easier way. People see and Answer their Polls. Which many people use do it to people like to create a post that gets information.

make a polls on facebook

In Same of Your account, don’t have Polls option you can create a page, pages have the option to create polls, it will easy to answer ant Question for the normal users, Our there have the option in messenger it will very easy in few steps it will created instantly, Groups create your group add them which have the option of easy polls to create that will first you have to create a group 

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How to create a polls On Facebook With Steps- Steps

  • Sign up On Facebook On your Dekstop Or Mobile
  • Create your profile on Facebook
  • Update Your profile
  • Go to post
  • Check your poll Option
  • You can also attach Photos in it
  • An then just hit post Button
  • Wait for few minutes people or your fans will respond
  • After few day your poll result will declare
  • Aur Download Page manager

Facebook FAQ

Where is poll on facebook?

It is remove By Facebook or It is not avaliable in your country

What is poll on facebook?

It is a Simple type of voting polls

Can’t create  facebook?

Polls removed by Facebook

Can you edit a poll on facebook?

Yes, any time as, per your requirement

How to do poll on facebook messenger?

group conversation, just the + icon,  then select Polls. then select Polls.-> Send to your friends where you chat eith that friends

How to do poll on facebook group

1) Select your group
2)Select your polls
3) Put your questions

i have no poll option on facebook?

Because your country, don’t have that options

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