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weight loss success stories 2016-2019

My weight was increasing badly in 2016 .. then i thought that i should join gym i did almost 3 months and loss approx 10kg but i thought that why i am doing gym then i leaved gym and start doing workout every day .. i approx loss 35kg+ weight ..

weight loss stories before and after pictures

 How do I stay motivated?

 I always motivate from people and movies . negative comment always makes you stronger

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weight loss success stories 2019


before and after weight loss men
indian diet plan for weight loss 
simply no diet plain just eat normal foods but dont include sugar , patato .. this is the

best diet for weight loss

how to start your weight loss journey


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1 month to lose belly fat ??

this can be done with littile bit workout
 full liquid diet plan for weight loss 
Weight loss is a very prevalent objective.

Most are looking for the perfect weight loss programme, whether for health or appearance.

The use of fluids rather than strong ingredients is one category of weight loss diets.

Some programs merely substitute fluids for certain ingredients, and others substitute fluids for any strong ingredients.

best breakfast for weight loss
  1.  Brown rice
  2. Avocados
  3.  Eggs and toast.

 healthy vegetarian breakfast for weight loss


Check out this list of India Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

  1. Muesli
  2. Mixed Sprouts Poha
  3. Masala Cheese Toast
  4. Herbed Paneer Paratha
  5. Chana Dal
  6. Oats Mutter
  7. Oats Idli
  8. Cabbage Parathas
  9. Creamy Spinach Toast
  10. Grilled Corn and Capsicum
  11. Banana Apple Porridge
  12. Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Mayonnaise

 weight loss exercise


1. Walking


2. Jogging or running

 exercises to lose weight fast at home

3.  Yoga

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